Pricing calculators

Calculate your cost for a new website

Step 1 Choose website size

  • Less than 10 pages
  • Between 10 and 20 pages
  • This option is for large organisations with large volumes of content.

Step 2 Select features

Website design
  • A low cost template, with only minimal changes such as colour scheme and logo
  • A bespoke design created specifically to match your business

Step 3 Select extras

Content migration
Training on updating the website
Web hosting

Hosting is included with the Adobe CMS subscription


Based on your selections, here are indicative costs:

Cost: $15310 AUD * (excl. GST)

Price breakdown
  • Website build (medium): $15000
  • Visual design: $80
  • Recommended CMS: Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Training up how to update the website: not needed
  • Website hosting: included with Adobe CMS
  • e-Commerce: not included
  • Content migration: not needed
  • Total (excl. GST): $15310
  • GST: $1531
  • Total: $16841 (inclu. GST)

Calculate your cost for getting your website easier to use

What are the main problems with your website?

Information is hard to find

We can improve your menus / navigation (information architecture) with card sorting and testing. What is card sorting and tree testing?

People leave the site quickly or don't do key actions (e.g. making contact, buying something)

We can improve this situation for you.
  1. We document your ideal visitors (download a sample persona)
    • $0
  2. We tell you what the best combinations of words and photos are (AB testing)
    • $400
  3. We draw actionable insights from your website statistics
    • $500
  4. We create better page layouts (wireframes)
    • $4000
  5. We get structured feedback from real people (during user testing sessions) about why they're leaving and what it would take for them to complete a key action (like making a purchase)
    • $2000

Price breakdown


  • Card sorting: $1000
  • Total (excl. GST): $7900
  • GST: $790
  • Total: $8690 (incl. GST)